About Us

Mission Statement

Nostalgia is very important to us Americans. Memories of long past days bring us comfort and smiles. Our mission at RetroBrands U.S.A. LLC is to revive “abandoned” consumer iconic brands and to bring them back to the marketplace. We are actively seeking out famous trademarks that are no longer important to their original owners but might be to us. Our market research has found many outstanding opportunities where we think our team and partners can bring distinctive value to these dormant but not forgotten consumer brands. For legal purposes, the United States Patent and Trademark Office defines “abandoned” brands as no longer in commercial use for longer than three years with no intent to resume such use. As such, we focus on the intellectual property (IP) components of brands – namely, trademarks and typically do not acquire hard assets such as inventory or real estate.

We have been active in acquiring a range of disparate consumer and entertainment categories to date. The common link among our properties is not manufacturing synergies, but characteristics like strong and favorable existing consumer brand awareness. We are seeking out sophisticated contract manufacturers, partners or investors who can work with us to bring these great iconic consumer brands back to market.

We have acquired brand rights in a myriad of ways. We believe that our partners will benefit from our deeply entrepreneurial roots, flexibility, and creative orientation to deal structure. RetroBrands U.S.A. LLC itself is not an advisor, agent, banker, or broker.

We welcome you to review our brands and to contact us to explore mutual business opportunities.

Thank you for your interest,

Jeff Kaplan, President